Computer Aided Design or CAD / Product Design / Industrial Design

What is CAD & Product Design:

Computer Aided Design or CAD refers to use of computer software to demonstrate mechanical or product design in the digital world. It focuses on product design and 2D/3D drafting.

What is Design for manufacturability:

Design for manufacturability (also known as design for manufacturing or DFM) is the engineering practice of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. Various critical features are being considered like Set-Up Time of Operations, Material form, Design and shape, Tolerances, Material type to eliminate potential manufacturing issues before they even occur.

2D engineering drawing
Our Mission:

We provide professional engineering design and CAD drafting services The final design is going to meet DFM and your requirements and it will be delivered on time.

What we need to work on CAD project:

Detailed description of your project

Scope of Work (SOW)

a Any 2D sketche/drwing or support documents

What you need from our services

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