Plastic Injection Molding Simulation & Plastic Injection Molding Feasibility Report

Simulation experience we offer to our customers are plastic flow simulations like optimum gating concept, shrinkage and warpage behaviour, welding lines, air traps, cooling analysis.

We also provide feasibilit report of mold design. It includes,

■ Draft analysis regarding current design

■ Determine parting line after that sepecify core and cavity elements

■ Feasiblity check for sliders and third plate and investigate how they behave on working condition

■ Feasibility check for potential thin structures due to product geometry

We also provide flow analysis and determine characteristics below.

■ Fill time

■ Injection pressure

■ Temperature analysis

■ Flow balancing

■ Gate and feed system design

■ Optimizing part geometry

■ Optimizing and refining wall thickness

Our Mission:

We provide satisfying feasibility report for plastic injection mold to eliminate potential issues and quality problems early stage of product development.

What we need to work on Injection Molding Simulation & Injection Molding Feasibility Report:

Detailed description of your project

Scope of Work (SOW)

3D drawing and support documents

What you need from our services

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