Reverse Engineering

What is Reverse Engineering:

Reverse engineering is the deconstruction process which is revealing product design from actual product. It follows production design process backward.

Best Practice of Reverse engineering

■ Producing non-geometric parts' 3D models easily

■ Producing 3D models for part that can not be measured easly

■ Reducing 3D model producing time

■ Producing 3D model for tools/molds after break-in period

■ Competators research

3D scan of product

Overlapped 3D scan and 3D model

3D model

Our Mission:

We provide wide range of reverse engineering solution to fit customers expectation.

What we need to work on Reverse Engineering:

Detailed description of your project

Scope of Work (SOW)

Actual product or 3D scan of product

What you need from our services

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